So I was at my dad’s last weekend and he had free hbo so he seized the opportunity and spent the weekend watching Game of Thrones and his fave movie Pitch Perfect.

Blake, I can always tell when you’re bothered because you whisper lyrics to yourself. Hip-hop specifically. I thought it was odd at first, but then I remembered your dissertation was on the fluidity of metaphor. You seem to have a particular fondness for Nas.

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So I’m not gonna lie I only know what season of Criminal Minds I’m watching because of Reid’s hair


Spencer Reid in 9.21 What Happens in Mecklinburg

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We all ship who we ship. We should ship who we wanna ship and be happy! If I want to ship two boys that have barely said 5 words to each other then I will! If I want to ship two straight girls who have literally nothing in common I’m going to! If I want to ship two people that were absolutely meant to be together then I will! That’s just the beauty of fiction and imagination!! P.S tag all of your ships

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ok.  ”it had too much singing in it” is not an adequate criticism of a musical.  did u go in expecting something different??  wow lots of music in that musical.  wish they’d warn us about that.  maybe they should rename it. these singing spectacles needs to be referred to something that would indicate their musical nature.

like who are you.  where did you even come from.  go back to mars

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Every night she would tell The Sultan a story, and leave it hanging… One thousand and one nights later, he was captivated.

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